Dialog kafkian

Dialog pe un grup de romani in UK:

X: Buna dimineata. Stiti cumva daca este vreo coafeza romanca in …(orasul x)? Multumesc.

Y: buna cum ai vrea sa te faci?

X: Buna. Nu este pt mine. Vrea o freza moderna mai dificila si nu are incredere in coafezele englezoaice lol.

X: Esti coafeza, Y?
 Y: aaa eu nu tund

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God bless…

„How can the nation which holds the lead in human experimentation in any conceivable form, how can that nation dare to accuse and punish other nations which only copied their experimental procedures? And even euthanasia! Only look at Germany, and the way her misery has been manipulated and artificially prolonged. It is, of course, not surprising that the nation which in the face of the history of humanity will forever have to bear the guilt for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that this nation attempts to hide itself behind moral superlatives. She does not bend the law: Justice has never been here! Neither in the whole nor in the particular. What dictates is power. And this power wants victims. We are such victims. I am such a victim.”

Ghiceste cineva cui apartine citatul de mai sus? Dar mai ales, in ce context a fost adresata aceasta remarca? (CUI a fost adresata se subintelege din context…)

Din noroi până la stele: Ștefania Gabriela Iaciu

Fiecare cu proștii lui

Hello there this is my wifes citreon c2 VTR we are selling it because we are expecting our 3rd child in june and need a 5 seate car we have had it since 2009 it was made on febuary 2004 and its a 53plate its semi auto with quick shift pad gear change on the steeing wheel and loads of othe exters please look at citreon c2 vtr specs for details or other gumtree adverts of the same car for information its mot runs out 27th of august 2015 its alway flew through its mot its neve been changed except my wife bought 4 new alloys and 3 tyers 4 years ago which cost over £250 it has 121000 miles on it and we bought it for 2300 fom its last owner when it had 111000 on it so we have only put 10.000 miles on it in 6 years.My wife has always looked after it and drove it very carefully never at speed or in an agressive manner it has really been a lovly familey car and runs like a dream there are no engine gearbox or big problems with it its very cheap to run and insure and would make a lovly first car we get about 32 mpg as long as its driven with respect and not diven faster then it should be you will get good mpg and it will last a life time there are a few tiny scratches as to be expected but nothing that cant be taken out with the right cleaner.AS pictured the drivers side door has a scratch and a dent and the door trim is not attached this is because the plastic clip has broken it clips on but needs to be glued on to keep it attached i just never got round to doing it i have taken a picture of the trim and this will come with the car its easy and low cost to fix.next the drivers side wheel needs changing it drives fine its a bit worn down and needs a new tyer i will include a spear wheel with a good tyer on if you have the tools you can change this yourself or take it to a local garage and it will cost no more then £5 for them to switch the tyers over.next thing is the check engine light comes on and off we took the car for a diognostic test at a citreon dealer over 2 years ago in 2012 as we were worride when they done the test the results were it was ever the spark plug that needs changing or the air filter the man said that as long as the car starts its ok to drive he said that this is a common problem now days he said even a tiny bit of dirt o a lose wire can cause it to come on so i wouldent wory to much and its probley dirt inside the air filter he said because it comes on and off then thats pobly what it is you can buy a new one from car spears for around£15 but we havent bothard as the car runs just fine for ove 2 years so we just ignored it the man said only change it if the the engine gets hot it never has got hot and never needs any water we have only ever changed the water and antifreeze 1c about 4 years ago we check it all the time and its fine you want to come and test drive this car its all ready to go.You are more then welcome to bring an engine diognostic kit as i know alot of buyers bring these with them feel free to test the car as much as you want pull the bonnet up and hear it run test drive thats all fine i will let you spend time doing that please phone me for a veiwing.from an honest point of veiw this car has been geat for me my wife and 2 kids for 6 years weve never had to spend money on repairs insurance is under 50 pounds and its really good mpg as long as its driven well then this car will last forever great for a first car very reliable and a pleasure to drive we will be sad to see it go.the price is £600 may go down a little but no silly offers please phone me for veiwing in waltham cross thanks john.


Ji ce pacat ca ejti frumoasa, ca ejti proasta ca o cizma.

Pentru ca e plin netul de ele, e pacat sa le ratam: voi posta cit pot de des cite o frumoasa care probabil mergea la scoala doar ca sa aiba de unde veni acasa.

Azi, o frumoasa de etnie: (click pe poza ca sa vedeti dialogul in toata splendoarea sa)

analfabeti 1

Toxic People: You Don’t Need Permission to Walk Away | World of Psychology

Toxic People: You Don’t Need Permission to Walk Away | World of Psychology.

Living with an Alcoholic | Psych Central

Asta fiind o problema nationala, am considerat ca merita sa preiau acest articol. Asa cum am mai promis de citeva ori, il voi traduce, doar ca timpul asta nu e elastic…si nu am reusit sa imi tin promisiunea. Oricum, deocamdata invit pe cei care cunosc limba engleza sa comenteze pe marginea acestui articol. Ce credeti? Este intr-adevar alcoolismul o boala?

Living with an Alcoholic | Psych Central.